How do I find an insurance broker?

Finding an insurance broker shouldn’t be as hard as finding an insurance plan: the latter entails rigorous research, aggregating the needs of your employees, and searching for what is the most cost-effective option for your company. Enter the broker: your advisor who works in your best interest, not the insurance company’s.

But What Is The Best Way To Find A Broker With Whom You’ll Maintain A Long, Trusted, And Healthy Relationship?

There are a few ways: for one, it is worth talking to your professional peers. Who are they using? Do they value their broker’s work? Are the employees satisfied? Talking to peers in similar fields is useful, and they may offer referrals. Municipal organizations (local association of health underwriters or chamber of commerce) may also be able to lend some advice about who to go to.

Credentialed advisors — such as lawyers, attorneys, and accountants — can also prove to be invaluable resources in your search for a broker. The internet will likely be able to help you find someone who works locally and specializes in your specific needs.

Take Time to Pick the Right Broker for You

Finding any broker is a step in the right direction, but work to ascertain that this person and/or business is the right fit for you. Put your cards on the table: ask how much the fees will be, what extra charges can be expected, and about their experience in the field. Have they worked with a company like yours? Will you have a primary contact? It might also be helpful, in interviewing your prospective broker, to bring along a co-worker who may have a different vantage from you. What important questions might they raise that you hadn’t thought of?

Online Brokers vs. Real Relationships

It’s important to note that in your search you will likely come across some online brokers. In our digital marketplace, such services are becoming more popular. Some might prove useful, especially if you work in an isolated community, but for those in the city or suburbs there are plenty of brokers to work with, and the experience of working with a real human can’t be surpassed.

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