Insurance Brokers that WANT to Help with Everything from Policy Selection and Set-Up to Billing and Claim Issues.

Have you ever been stuck figuring out your insurance bill, trying to contact your broker for help, but end up waiting endlessly on the phone just to get minimal support? Do you or your employees lose precious work time dealing with insurance claims? Most insurance companies leave their clients frustrated as they don’t provide the hands-on assistance that they need and deserve.

At Dawson Benefits, we do things differently. Our highly trained team is always there to help and answer any of your questions that same business day. We don’t leave you scrambling to figure out any of your insurance questions alone. Instead, we take care of individuals, businesses, and employees, assisting with everything from policy selection to claims issues.

The Personalized Approach to Insurance

Our focus is on providing outstanding service and making your insurance experience as simple as possible. After an in-depth conversation, we do our research and then customize insurance plans (Health, Dental, Disability, Life, Vision, Group) that actually fit all of your needs – at the best pricing possible. Our agency is committed to providing you with the options – we want it done right, not done in five minutes. If you want an insurance broker to be there to answer your questions and streamline the billing and claims processes for you and your clients, give us a call. Why Wait?